Tallinn Cigar Weekend

Tallinn Cigar Weekend
August 27th - 28th 2022

10 years anniversary

Tallinn Cigar Club has the great pleasure to invite you to its
10th Tallinn Cigar Weekend event. Let´s gather together for two days of cigars, fun, friends, good food and drinks!

Program & Location Программа и место

About the organizer, Tallinn Cigar Club

Uniting people who appreciate cigar culture and share the passion for cigar smoking.
We act as a meeting point for cigar lovers, where good friends meet and new opportunities are born.

Founded on the 12th December 2012 with an aim to bring together wonderful people who have a similar passion – smoking the finest cigars in world.

Tullio Liblik, the founder and the soul of the cigar club, has invested a great deal of his time in uniting cigar admirers and giving them the opportunity to gather at the most glamorous lifestyle event of Northern Europe – Tallinn Cigar Weekend held once a year.

The von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn is located  close by are the Old Town, Toompuiestee 23
Restaurant Scheeli is located in the Old Town. Vana Turg 2.

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